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MK-V Nexus HD Steadicam sled
4 stage 2" Superpost
GPI Pro Arm (6 canisters)
Betz Tilt head
Kenlab gyro kit (KS-6 x 2)
Transvideo Cinemonitor HDX SBL
Small HD DP7 Pro Steadicam monitor
Hummingbird SD monitor (6.4" LCD 4:3, 16:9, 2:1)
TV Logic 7" HD monitor
Teradek Bolt Pro 300 HD video sender/2 receiver kit Teradek Bolt Pro HD video sender/ 2 receiver kit Walter Klassen back mounted vest Tiffen Ultra vest front mount
PAG L96e batteries x 16 & fast chargers
Redbyte Decimator HD – Analogue Downconverter
Blackmagic HDMI – SDI Downconverter (use with 5D & 7D DSLR's) Low mode brackets & Alexa brackets
Cables for most cameras (HD,16mm,35mm)
Garfield vehicle mount (for use with rickshaw or Quad bike) Antlers/Wind Boards/Windkillers/Magliner

Showreel Montage
Showreel Montage
Showreel Montage
Showreel Montage
Gentleman Jack Season 2 | BBC/HBO | Lookout Point
Gentleman Jack 2
The Stranger | Netflix
The Stranger
From Darkness | BBC TV
The Irregulars, Season 1 | Netflix | Drama Republic
The Irregulars
Peaky Blinders Series 3 | BBC TV
Victoria, Season 3 | ITV | PBS Masterpiece
The Bodyguard, Ep 5+6 | BBC | Word productions
The Bodyguard
Snatch, Season 1 | Little Island, Crackle
Humans, Season 1 Ep4-8 | Channel 4 | Kudos
'Deadpool at Man Utd'
Production company: Mob sport | Director: Dave Schofield
Deadpool at Man Utd
Luke Friend 'Hole in my Heart'
Production company: Chief TV | Director: Nate Camponi
Luke Friend
Blitz Kids 'Perfect'
Prod co: Chief TV | Director: Joe Connor
Blitz Kids
Be Clear on Cancer
Prod co: Academy Films | Director: Amanda Boyle
Be Clear on Cancer
Blitz Kids 'Sometimes'
Prod co: Chief Productions | Director: Joe Connor
Blitz Kids
Prod. Co: The Mob Film Company
Warwick Castle
Prod. Co: Kronfli Duliba Prods
Warwick Castle
Pretty Green Autumn/Winter 2012
Prod. Co: Lightening Productions | Director: Charlie Lightening | DOP: Dan Lightening
Pretty Green AW '12
Plusnet Broadband 'Hero Joe'
Prod. Co. Betsy Works | Director: Kjetil Njoten | DOP: Dick Pope
Kasabian/Umbro, England Kit Launch
Prod. Co. Lightening Prod | Director: Charlie Lightening | DOP: Dan Lightening
Nike/Footlocker, 'Balotelli'
Prod. Co. Stink | Director: Asif Mian | DOP: Will Bex